Democratizing Internet of Things

We make complex technology very accessible and human-friendly.

From an idea → to prototype  → to production in a snap


Get your Things online

Use Blynk hardware libraries to connect your product to the cloud and. We support  400+ different hardware models. And you can use WiFi, Ethernet, 2G, 3G, LoRa or BLE.


Snap together a mobile app

Drag-n-drop widgets you need to visualize sensor data, control GPIOs, send Push Notifications and much much more. 

Free for developers, No coding, NO SDKs, NO X-Code, No Android Studio. It just works out of the box.

→ for iOS        → for Android


Brand it and publish

When app is ready - add your logo, company name, adjust design to match your brand and publish the app to App Store and Google Play


Prototype with Blynk App

Brand it

Publish to app stores

Deliver great user experience to your customers


Your customers download your app

After unboxing your great product, they will just go to App Store or Google Play and download your app as any other, like Snapchat or Instagram.


Connecting to home WiFi is easy

We've designed simple workflows that will guide your users through necessary steps to connect your product to their home WiFI network. 


Start using

As your product is connected, your customers can use it. While you get all the business insights you need.


– It all sounds amazing, but feels like a lot of work 

– Well, no... 

You don’t have to write a lot of code or go through numerous design iterations. We’ve prepared all the design, workflows, firmware code snippets to deliver an amazing experience for you and your clients.