Democratizing the Internet of Things

Blynk is not just "another IoT cloud".

It's an end-to-end solution which saves you time and resources when building meaningful applications for connected products and services.

Build a Mobile App for your connected product or service in minutes. Choose any hardware. Cloud included.

We have amazing friends and partners. Blynk is a member of Intel® IoT Solutions Alliance


Build a Mobile App in minutes


Blynk is called "the most user-friendly IoT platform" for a reason. Try our drag-n-drop mobile app builder and see for yourself.

Choose pre-designed elements to visualize the data features you need, prove the concepts, and when everything is ready – publish your branded app to App Store and Google Play™ with just a few clicks.

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Spend resources wisely


You don't have to have an IT department and a team of designers. One firmware engineer can do all the integrations, build mobile app and deploy thousands of devices online.

Check out how it works for developers and for end customers.


Choose any hardware, OS and connectivity type


Blynk supports 70+ hardware platforms and major connectivity types.

From Arduino, Raspberry Pi and SparkFun to ESP8266, Intel, Texas Instruments, Particle and industrial-grade equipment. 


Use fast and affordable Cloud 


Secure, scalable, light and fast. Ready to manage millions of requests from your edge devices. 

Deployable in minutes, Blynk Cloud is open-source. It can handle thousands of requests per second even on single core of a $5 RaspberryPi. 



Companies use Blynk in their innovative products and connected services


There are thousands of live projects running on Blynk. From home automation and agriculture to controlling drones and robots over the internet. We'd love to hear your story.



Module 5 is an engineering company that utilizes Blynk platform to bring building's power and climate management efficiency to a whole new level. 

Prototype: 1 week. Production: 4 weeks  


Connected Poducts

7sensors is a high-tech growing box for your vegetables, plants and herbs.

Mobile app was built and customized by Blynk. Data is collected and stored in Blynk Cloud.

Prototype: 2 days. Production: 3 weeks    


Smart Homes


Hundreds of companies around the world use Blynk for their connected home products, real estate monitoring, and home automation. 

Prototype: 1-5 days. Production: 1-2 weeks  


Educational Hardware

SparkFun BlynkBoard is an educational IoT development board that has Blynk firmware running on it. It offers a set of tutorials to start building connected things in no time.

Blynk has delivered a branded experience and an easy-to-use WiFi provisioning workflow.

Development and prototyping tools

Proximus, the largest Belgian mobile operator offers Blynk as a mobile app prototyping platform to their developers working on building connected products with Proximus EnCo and LoRa Rapid Development Kit (by AllThings)  




Installed in distant locations of US northwest, field equipment is monitored and controlled by Blynk App and Particle Electron hardware.

Prototype: 2 days. Production: 1 week  



Voltaire is a portable, high-performance coffee grinder that monitors bean freshness.

Prototype was built using Blynk app and SparkFun Blynk Board, and final product was successfully funded on Kickstarter.

Prototype: few days 


Smart Cities

2,000 sensors are checking free spots on the parking lots in UK in real time. Data is sent to Blynk Cloud. The mobile App utilizes Blynk iOS SDK and Cloud API.

Prototype: 2 days. Production: 4 weeks  


Let's build something great together