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$2,990 /year

$5,990 /year

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All paid plans include 30 days money-back guarantee

App Features
Mobile App Builder
App Publishing
App Branding
App updates* 1 3 4
Max number of devices 20 2,000 5,000 Upon request

Cloud Features
Dedicated Business Server
Analytics Web Dashboard

Tech Support Community 48h Email 24h Email Direct line
Code Review
App Customizations

* Free app updates are available with annual subscription only. With monthly subscription, every update is charged separately and equals a 1 monthly fee according to chosen plan. Read more about app updates here.

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+ What happens if I cancel the subscription?

When you cancel the subscription, your app will stay in the app stores, but your server will be turned off 30 days later. All active devices will stop working in 30 days until you renew your subscription

+ Can I get a free demo of the app?

App exporting or publishing is possible ONLY with a plan purchase

After you sign up, there is a 30 days money back guarantee. If you decide to cancel your subscription during this period, we will refund 100%. No questions asked.

For free demo you can use App Preview inside of Blynk app:

  • Open Blynk app
  • On the home screen: find My Apps
  • Create a New App
  • Follow the instructions

+ Can I pay only one time, without subscription?

Yes, you can buyout the apps for a fixed one-time price.

Buyout Price = Monthly payment * 30

For example: Startup Plan: $199 * 30 = $5,970

  • You will get 2 app files (iOS and Android)
  • You would need to run and maintain your own server
  • Blynk won't be able to provide any technical support
  • You would need Apple and Google Play developer licenses in order to publish the apps to App Store and Google Play
  • No app updates are provided. Every update is considered as a new export and purchased separately

+ How many apps can I publish after I sign up?

When you subscribe, we can export and publish only one project, but you will get iOS and Android app.

Also, apps made with Blynk can contain multiple dashboards, for example for different clients. Maybe you don't need many apps - contact us.

If you need another app, with another icon, another app name - then you would need a separate subscription

+ How to add Auth Tokens to my product?

Read more about Auth Tokens provisioning here:

More about app publishing here:


Free Blynk Mobile App Builder

Create a mobile app for any connected product or service in minutes. Simply drag and drop bits of user interface with no coding. 

→Try Blynk Mobile App Builder today for free

App Publishing

Every project made with Blynk App Builder can be exported into a standalone app, with your name, logo, and icon. Your clients will go to App Store or Google Play and download your own app as they would download any other app.

App Branding

Every project made with Blynk App Builder can be branded to match your company style. Colors, fonts, sizes are adjustable. 


Every published app comes with a user management workflow. It's a security measure and it also helps to save user profile in the cloud if they had deleted the app. You don't have to design the Log In screens and deal with password restoration. Everything works out of the box. 

This information can also be used for technical support and marketing activities


We've designed a provisioning workflow that will guide your customers through a process of connecting the product to the WiFi network.

You don't have to design it or mess with the code. We provide all the examples and implementation instructions.


Apps made with Blynk can support multiple interfaces inside a single app.

For example, you need to create a new layout for every new client. Or you have a line of products, but you need a single app  to work with all of the products.

Blynk Cloud

For every client we offer a secure, reliable gateway between your products, smartphones and web. Blynk Cloud is real-time,  efficient, lightweight, and easy to use solution. Blynk offers private servers that can run in your own environment.



We offer industry standard SSL/TLS encryption. Our cloud solutions is  open source. It means that you can take a look at our device protocol and have confidence in what you're sending.

Security is one of the core focuses of the Blynk Cloud, and we never stop working to protect your data and your devices.

Web Dashboard and analytics (SOON)

Manage users and devices. See what's happening on each of your devices in real time. 

Blynk.Air™ - Over The Air Firmware Updates

An outstanding toolchain to  update firmware the way you need. You develop firmware locally, then it's compiled in the cloud and delivered to your edge devices even if they use different hardware. 


Need a custom app?

We have 10+ years of professional experience in these areas:


User Experience and Visual Design for IoT

  • Product ideation

  • Research and analysis

  • Prototyping

  • Product design

  • Visual design

  • User testing and focus groups

Backend and system integrations

  • Backend development and deployment

  • 3rd party services integrations

  • Data management and analytics

Firmware and electrical engineering

  • Consultancy

  • Electrical engineering

  • Firmware engineering

  • 3rd party services integrations


Every product is unique, and while we design the tools to be as flexible as possible, there is always a need for a custom functionality.  

Let us know if we can help.