After running a successful Kickstarter campaign early this year, reaching 500% of the goal and gaining support from thousands of backers, Blynk launched it’s platform for makers in May 2015.

Since then, it has become a hugely popular tool for makers, inventors, designers, teachers, hackers and geeks who build and experiment with connected projects and products using Arduino, RaspberryPi and similar platforms. Blynk has made it super easy for anyone who just started tinkering with electronics to snap together an amazing mobile interface, get the hardware online and enjoy seeing first results in just minutes.

One of the most user-friendly platforms for controlling hardware over the Internet
— Jordan Bunker, Technical Editor at Make Magazine

Following the  success in providing software tools for hobbyists, Blynk is expanding it’s services, building flexible and scalable solution for businesses.

We significantly reduce time to market at every stage, from prototyping the product, designing mobile app, to deploying private cloud, writing embedded applications and delivering connected experiences into customer’s hands. We really want brilliant companies to stay focused on their products and experiences, rather than burning resources and time to build an IoT platform from scratch.

We have worked with thousands of enthusiasts and early-adopters, helping them to move quickly from an idea to a tangible prototype, then to a great project that they can share.  We are extremely excited to have access to the pool of creative minds who are shaping the future of this industry. We listen to them, continue perfecting Blynk and delivering the best experience.

Blynk already works seamlessly with major hardware platforms like Intel, Texas Instruments, Arduino, Particle, Raspberry Pi etc. The list of supported platforms is constantly growing.